In 2017 we moved to our new and beautifull place in the Zuidschermer. The Schermer is a polder in the Netherlands which was a lake, and has been made to land with help of windmills in 1635.

The property is about 1,5ha and has a Stolp building which has a cultural historical value in Noord-Holland (North/west part of the Netherlands).

Frouke:  I find my happiness in being gratefull for the little things in life.

I lived over 40 years in the quiet south-west part of the Netherlands. A few years ago I moved to a village close to Amsterdam for employment purposes. I love to walk and cycle through the quiet nature. Furthermore I love the space and wide views at our new home in Zuidschermer (from 2017).

Jan: I grew up in the western part of the Netherlands. I love the water in North-Holland and the dunes, and I like to fish. I am a system analyst and like working in the ICT branche. Last but not least I love my wife :).

Concerning our Bed & Breakfast, we love giving our guests a good and warm stay which they will not forget.